"Witchcraft, the black arts. In this enlightened day do rational people believe in the existence of witches? The answer proved to be a simple "yes.""
Carl Kolchak
"The Trevi Collection"
Series Kolchak: The Night Stalker
Season 1, Episode 14
Kolchak 1x14 009
Airdate January 24th, 1975
Writer Rudolph Borchert
Director Don Weis
Producer Cy Chermak
Starring Darren McGavin; Simon Oakland
Previous "Primal Scream"
Next "Chopper"

"The Trevi Collection" is the fourteenth episode of the supernatural mystery series Kolchak: The Night Stalker. It was directed by Don Weis and written by Rudolph Borchert. It first aired on ABC on January 24th, 1975. In this episode, Carl Kolchak investigates the fashion industry as he finds that Madame Trevi's competitors appear to be dying off in rapid number. Carl develops a contact with model Madelaine and learns that the agency she works for is actually a haven for witchcraft and ritualism.

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  • Actor Bernie Kopell is credited as Bernard Kopell in this episode.
  • Actress Diana Quick is credited as Diane Quick in this episode.
  • Chuck Waters is uncredited for his participation in this episode.

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  • Carl Kolchak intones the phrase, "Yeah, yeah, floats like a butterfly...". This is a reference to heavyweight boxing champion Muhammed Ali, who is famous for his mantra, "Floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee." It refereed to Ali's tactic of tiring opponents with his fast footwork and then finishing them off with heavy jabs.

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  • 2006: The remake of The Fog is released on DVD in both fullscreen and widescreen (unrated) editions.
  • 2010: Frozen premieres at the Sundance Film Festival.
  • 2012: Godzilla: The Criterion Collection is released on Blu-ray.

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  • Tony Vincenzo: Now look, Carl, have you been able to connect Murray Vernon with Mickey Patchek?
  • Carl Kolchak: No. No, not yet. No, these hoods have spooked my stringers. They, they, they, they act like I got leprosy.
  • Tony Vincenzo: You'd be better off. You'd be safer in a leper colony.


  • Carl Kolchak: Okay, how much is it?
  • Witch: There is no charge. A nominal contribution will be appreciated.
(Carl puts in a little money)
  • Witch: Not that nominal.


  • Carl Kolchak: Can you get up out of your chair and walk to the window? Can you make it?
  • Tony Vincenzo: (at the window) Now what do I do? Jump?
  • Carl Kolchak: You want me to open the window for you? Look. Look, look down there in the street. See the guy leaning up against the car reading the newspaper?
  • Tony Vincenzo: Yeah...
  • Carl Kolchak: Well, does he look like a scoutmaster to you?!?
  • Tony Vincenzo: Well, look, Carl. We can call the police; they'll pick him up and shake him down.
  • Carl Kolchak: On what charge? Slow reading in public?


  • Carl Kolchak: He gave me a deadline – with the accent on "dead."
  • Tony Vincenzo: Well, threats are the standard situation with newsmen, Carl. You know that. It goes with the territory like the high salary.


  • Carl Kolchak: Tuesday May 2nd, 1:00pm. Mickey Patchek was a snitch, a dealer, a peddler of information. His clothes were as cheap as his reputation. So when he phoned me with some information to sell I was surprised that he wanted to meet me in the heart of Chicago's chic-chic high fashion district. What started out as a mild surprise culminated in stark raving terror.



  • Carl Kolchak: You don't believe in witchcraft, of course.
  • Doctor Gravanites: No, Of course not. But in this particular case, I'd agree with what my mother used to say about chicken soup.
  • Carl Kolchak: Oh yeah, what was that?
  • Both: It couldn't hurt.


  • Carl Kolchak: Dying and maiming were coming into vogue in the fashion business.

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