Killer Rats is an American horror film of the predatory animal subgenre. It was directed by Tibor Takács and written by Jace Anderson, Boaz Davidson and Adam Gierasch for Nu Image Films. It was released on January 15th, 2003. The film stars Sara Downing, Amy Parks, Bailey Chase, Michael Zelniker, Sean Cullen, Michael Hagerty and Ron Perlman as mad scientist Doctor William Winslow. The premise of the film centers on an investigative reporter for the Philadelphia Enquirer named Samantha who tries to shed some light on the macabre scientific experiments being perpetuated by Doctor William Winslow at the Brookdale Institute. Winslow's experiments involve forced evolution on rats, turning them into highly intelligent, enhanced killers.

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  • Also known simply as Rats. Not to be confused with the 2002 film The Rats by John Lafia, which has also been released under the title Killer Rats.
  • Production on Killer Rats began in March, 2001. The movie was shot in fullscreen format, aspect ratio 1:33:1 in Sofia, Bulgaria.
  • Director Tibor Takács is also known for directing the 1987 horror film The Gate, as well as it's 1992 sequel, Gate 2: The Trespassers.
  • When Samantha stumbles on Morgan's body in the washroom, both of his hands have clearly been chewed off by rats, yet when they find his body days later in the cellar, one of his hands is intact.
  • Brandon Grimes is uncredited for his participation in this film. Generally working as a film producer, this is his only acting work in a horror film.

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