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Kelly Driscoll
Kelly Driscoll
Kelly Driscoll
Continuity: Piranha
Notability: Main character
Gender: Female
Location: Arizona
1st appearance: Piranha (2010)
Actor: Jessica Szohr

Kelly Driscoll is fictional teenager and one of the main characters featured in the 2010 3-D remake of Piranha. She was played by actress Jessica Szohr.

Overview Edit

Kelly Driscoll was a dark-haired teenage girl who lived in the town near Lake Victoria, Arizona. She was the love interest of Jake Forester - son of the town's sheriff, Julie Forester. Kelly was coaxed by amateur film maker Derrick Jones into accompanying him (as well as several others) on an ill-fated photo-shoot aboard his personal boat in the lake. No one could have expected that a school of over-sized vicious piranha were on the loose, nibbling and gnawing their way through everything - and everyone - in sight.

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  • Final fate: Survived!

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