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Kat Neely
Kat Neely
Aliases: Professor Neely
Continuity: Being Human
Type: Supporting character
Gender: Female
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
1st appearance: "Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Mouth"
Actor: Deanna Russo

Katherine "Kat" Neely is a fictional college professor and a supporting character on the North American supernatural drama series Being Human, which is a re-imagining of the 2008 UK series of the same name. Played by actress Deanna Russo, she was introduced in the fifth episode of season three entitled, "Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Mouth".

Biography Edit

Kat Neely was an American History professor at a college in Boston, Massachusetts during the early 2010s. She once dated an older professor named Jeff Westin, but their relationship ended poorly.

Kat began subletting an apartment owned by hospital nurse Nora Sargeant during the time that Nora had been living with her boyfriend, Josh Levinson, at 3638 Mayford. One day, Kat came over to the brownstone to drop off a rent check when she met Aidan Waite. Aidan, in addition to being a vampire, was also haunted by the ghosts of two young women whose deaths he was responsible for. Attempting to distract himself from the underwear-clad spirits, Aidan's first words to Kat were, "I'm not on drugs". Great first impression. [1]

Despite this however, Kat took a liking to Aidan, but was unaware that he was a vampire. They met several more times over the course of several days and a budding chemistry developed between them. Aidan's connection to Kat caused a great deal of friction between Nora and he, as Nora had blamed him for the accidental death of a teenage werewolf named Erin Shepherd. She warned Aidan to stay away from Kat. Aidan and Nora mended fences however, and Nora decided to make it up to him by encouraging their relationship. [2]

Kat was with Aidan on the day that a purebred werewolf named Liam McLean came gunning for him. She watched him walk off with Liam and suspected that Aidan was in trouble, so she telephoned Josh Levinson. Kat's actions probably saved Aidan's life, as Josh was able to track Liam down and rescue his friend, but at great personal cost to himself. [3]

Shortly thereafter, Aidan had contracted a fatal virus that had been spreading throughout the vampire community. He began growing weaker by the day and developed lesions upon his neck and face. Nora invited Kat over to the brownstone to visit him, suspecting that this might be Aidan's final moments on Earth. Kat did not know what the illness was about, but she fed him some hot soup, hoping that it might help. Fortunately, Aidan was cured of the virus and returned back to normal. [4]

Kat and Aidan went on a second date, this time to a library. Kat knew of Aidan's interest in the history of New England circa 1779, but this was only because Aidan was alive back then. It was here that Kat and Aidan had an awkward chance encounter with her ex-boyfriend, Jeff Westin. [5]

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