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Julian Matheson was a supporting character featured in the 1990-1991 syndicated television series She-Wolf of London. He was played by actor Scott Fults and appeared in fifteen episodes of the series. Despite his minimal influence on the program at large, Scott Fults was featured in the opening credits of the series.

Biography Edit

Julian Matheson was the teenage nephew of Ian Matheson. While his father was off traveling in the United States, Julian stayed in England at his family's bed and breakfast. He enjoyed watching the rivalry that went on between his bickering family members. In 1990, Julian's Aunt Gertie of Letchmoor Heath was brutally murdered under mysterious circumstances and he traveled to the village to attend Gertie's funeral. Julian became enticed when he learned that a mysterious "Bogman" might have been involved and brought along his camera, hoping to snap some photos.

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Julian was born in Baltimore, Maryland, but spent his teenage years at his grandparents' bed and breakfast when his father went to jail.

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