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John Kramer
John Kramer
John Kramer
Aliases: Jigsaw
Continuity: Saw
Notability: Antagonist
Type: Serial killer
Gender: Male
Known relatives: Jill Tuck (ex-wife)
Died: 2006
1st appearance: Saw (2004)
Actor: Tobin Bell

John Kramer is a fictional psychopath and the primary antagonist featured in the Saw film franchise by Twisted Pictures. Played by actor Tobin Bell, he has appeared in all seven installments of the series even though the character is killed off in Saw III. His appearances in the subsequent films are all courtesy of flashbacks and audio recordings, but are instrumental in fleshing out the entire psychological profile and history of the character.

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  • John Kramer is unique from other cinematic killers in that he does not actually commit murders himself. At best, he may be considered a serial kidnapper, who places people in situations where there is a strong likelihood that they will kill themselves through self mutilation.
  • John's first name was revealed in an early flashback scene in Saw where he is seen as a random patient of Doctor Lawrence Gordon. His surname is revealed in the first sequel Saw II.

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