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Jericho is an unincorporated community in the central region of the US state of California. Jericho was the featured setting for the pilot episode of the CW Network television series Supernatural.

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4636 Breckenridge Road
This was the home of Joseph and Constance Welch and their two children. Following the deaths of the children and Constance's subsequent suicide, Joseph could no longer remain in the house and relocated. Years later, Constance's spirit returned to the dilapidated ruins where she was reunited with the ghosts of her children, who wanted revenge upon her for killing them.
Centennial Highway
Frontier Auto Salvage
This was where Joseph Welch worked during the time when his children died and his wife committed suicide.
Jericho Herald
This was a newspaper publisher established in 1942 and located in the town of Jericho. Sam and Dean researched the Herald's archives at the public library to get information on the mystery surrounding Troy Squire's death.
Sylvania Bridge
Welch residence

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