"You know what I call this, children? I call this the perfect start to an evening. The night is young, there's a beautiful girl, and somebody's going to die. It's you, by the way."
Edward Hyde

Episode 1.1 of Jekyll was directed by Douglas Mackinnon and written by Steven Moffat. It first aired on BBC One on June 16th, 2007. The series introduces the character of Tom Jackman - a man with a very unique case of multiple personality disorder. At certain predetermined periods of time, he undergoes a physical and psychological metamorphosis, transforming into the sadistic and hedonistic Edward Hyde. Tom is careful to keep his condition a secret from his wife, Claire and his two children, but monitors Mister Hyde's actions by way of a personal assistant, Katherine Reimer. In addition to the growing anxiety of never knowing what Mister Hyde might do at any given moment, Tom must also contend with the fact that a group of mysterious individuals in a black van have taken an interest in him.

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  • Actor Denis Lawson is also known for playing the role of Rebel Alliance pilot Wedge Antilles in the original Star Wars trilogy.

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  • Tom Jackman: I can't believe you actually put a private detective on me.
  • Claire Jackman: I can't believe you actually left your wife and kids without a word of explanation. I win.



  • Tom Jackman: Advertise my job.
  • Peter Syme: What's that expression about Satan skating to work? Something to do with Hell freezing over. There might be a snow plow involved. It was sort of a quip.
  • Tom Jackman: Not anymore.


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