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Jeffrey Arsenault
Jeffrey Arsenault
Aliases: Gregory Cabot
Gender: Male
Medium(s): Film
Roles: Director; Writer; Producer; Editor
1st Horror: Night Owl (1993)

Jeffrey Arsenault is an American filmmaker specializing in horror erotica. His first film was the 1993 movie Night Owl starring Spawn's John Leguizamo, who plays Angel - a young Puerto Rican man comes to New York's East Village in search of the vampire who killed his sister. Jeffrey wrote, produced and directed this film.

In 1999, he directed the direct-to-video movie Crimson Nights under the pseudonym Gregory Cabot. Whereas Night Owl was more of a straight-up vampire film, Crimson Nights reached deeper into the softcore erotica family of titles. The film starred Tina Krause, Lev Gorens and Roberta Orlandi.

His next film was in 2001 and was called Date With a Vampire and starred Lori Thomas, Robin Macklin, Cynthia Polakovich and Joseph Zaso. Like many vampire fiction stories, lesbian sex and seduction between vampires and young women was a prominent theme in the movie. Again, Arsenault was credited under the name Gregory Caobt. This was followed by Blood Craving in 2002, which Arsenault both wrote and directed. The film is notable for guest-starring 1960s sex symbol Caroline Munro (Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter) in a rare modern horror appearance.

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  • Jeffrey Arsenault also directed the drama Domestic Strangers in 2005 and Passing Time in 2006.
  • Jeffrey Arsenault directed the one-act play A Blind Date With Mary in Hollywood, California in the Spring of 2004.

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