Jeff Davis
Jeff Davis
Gender: Male
Medium(s): Television
Roles: Writer; Executive producer
Date of birth: June 13th, 1975
Place of birth: Connecticut
Notable works: Teen Wolf
1st Horror: Teen Wolf: Wolf Moon

Jeff Davis is an American television developer and writer born in Connecticut on June 13th, 1975. He is best known as the creator of the drama series Criminal Minds. In 2011, Jeff co-created and developed the Teen Wolf television series, which was loosely based on Rod Daniel's 1985 comedy film of the same name. With episode 1.11, Davis was given an executive producer credit on the series.

As a writer Edit

Teen Wolf Edit

  1. Teen Wolf: Wolf Moon
  2. Teen Wolf: Second Chance at First Line
  3. Teen Wolf: Code Breaker
  4. Teen Wolf: Omega
  5. Teen Wolf: Frenemy
  6. Teen Wolf: Raving
  7. Teen Wolf: Party Guessed
  8. Teen Wolf: Fury
  9. Teen Wolf: Battlefield
  10. Teen Wolf: Master Plan
  11. Teen Wolf: Tattoo
  12. Teen Wolf: Chaos Rising
  13. Teen Wolf: The Girl Who Knew Too Much
  14. Teen Wolf: The Overlooked
  15. Teen Wolf: Alpha Pact
  16. Teen Wolf: Lunar Ellipse
  17. Teen Wolf: Anchors
  18. Teen Wolf: More Bad Than Good
  19. Teen Wolf: Letharia Vulpina
  20. Teen Wolf: Echo House
  21. Teen Wolf: De-Void
  22. Teen Wolf: Insatiable
  23. Teen Wolf: The Divine Move
  24. Teen Wolf: The Dark Moon
  25. Teen Wolf: The Benefactor
  26. Teen Wolf: Orphaned
  27. Teen Wolf: Monstrous
  28. Teen Wolf: A Promise to the Dead
  29. Teen Wolf: Smoke and Mirrors
  30. Teen Wolf: Creatures of the Night
  31. Teen Wolf: Condition Terminal
  32. Teen Wolf: Required Reading
  33. Teen Wolf: Status Asthmaticus
  34. Teen Wolf: The Last Chimera
  35. Teen Wolf: A Credible Threat

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