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Jay Anson
Jay Anson
Gender: Male
Medium(s): Novels
Roles: Writer
Date of birth: November 4th, 1921
Place of birth: New York
Date of death: March 12th, 1980
Place of death: Palo Alto, California
First: Amityville Horror (novel)

Jay Anson was a novelist born in New York on November 4th, 1921. His most noted contribution to the horror genre was writing the novel The Amityville Horror, which was allegedly based on factual events. Anson collaborated with George and Kathy Lutz, compiling their accounts of what supposedly took place at their home at 112 Ocean Avenue in Long Island, New York in the winter of 1975. Anson's novel was adapted into the 1979 film The Amityvilel Horror, directed by Stuart Rosenberg.

Jay wrote another piece of horror fiction, a book entitled 666, which was published in 1980. This was Anson's final work as he had passed away on March 12th of that year at the age of 58. In the years following his death, more insight into the events chronicled in his book came to light, which debunked many of the claims put forward, recategorizing his novel into the classification of fictional horror. Most of this information came about due to discrepencies in George Lutz' account of events over the years. His wife, Kathy Lutz, has gone on record stating that the entire events detailed in Anson's book are fictional and was part of a hoax perpetuated by George and Kathy to get out from under the financial burden of owning the 112 Ocean Avenue property.

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