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Jaws: The Revenge is an American horror movie of the predatory animal subgenre. It is the fourth and to date, final installment in the Jaws film series. It was directed by Joseph Sargent and written by Michael de Guzman. It was produced by Sargent and Frank Baur is released through Universal Pictures on July 17th, 1987. This film shifts the venue of the franchise once again to the Bahamas and focuses on oceanographer Michael Brody and his Caribbean partner Jake. Michael's anxiety-ridden mother, Ellen Brody, comes to visit him, but she is not alone. Apparently a great white shark insists on making trouble for the Brody clan one last time. Tired of having all of it's cousins blown to shit by other family members, this latest addition to the fish family has only one thing on it's mind -- revenge!

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