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Jagerbar ceremonial claw.

The Jagerbar ceremonial claw is a fictional item featured in the NBC television series Grimm. It first appeared in the season one episode, "Bears Will Be Bears".

The Jagerbar ceremonial claw is a symbolic item relating to the Wesen sub-breed known as the jagerbars. It consists of the fossilized claw remains of a deceased jagerbar and is outfitted with a carved hilt terminating at the totemic image of a bear.

Though these are certainly not common items, there have been at least three different claws featured in the series. The first was a display piece featured in the home of the Rabe family - who are all jagerbars. This item was kept under a plexiglass case and stored in a museum room on their estate.

A second claw belonged to the Rabe's son, Barry, who used it during a rite of passage ceremony known as the Roh-Hatz. He carried the claw with him as two other young jagerbars, Jason and T.B. Colbert chased their prey Gilda Darner and Rocky Babb through the woods.

A third claw was in the possession of ailing Grimm hunter Marie Kessler. She kept it in her trailer where it was later discovered by her nephew, Nick Burkhardt. Nick took the claw and showed it to the Blutbad Eddie Monroe, who told him about how it was used in the Roh-Hatz.

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