Walking Dead 1x05 003
Type: Minor character
Gender: Female
Base of operations: Atlanta, Georgia
Died: 2010
First: Walking Dead: Guts
Actor: Jeryl Prescott Sales

Jacqui was a minor character featured in season one of the AMC television series The Walking Dead. She was played by actress Jeryl Prescott Sales and introduced in the second episode "Guts". Jacqui was unique to the series and did not have a direct counterpart in The Walking Dead comic book series. In the comic series, the character known as Donna is the closest analog to Jacqui. Jacqui was presented as one of the initial survivors of the zombie plague that Rick Grimes comes upon and remains at the camp outside of Atlanta throughout most of her appearances. By the end of the season, Jacqui and the others relocated to the CDC center in Atlanta where she willingly gave up her life in lieu of being eaten by zombies.

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