Jacob Sterling
Jacob Sterling
Aliases: Jake Sterling
Type: Main character
Gender: Male
Base of operations: California
Known relatives: Lisa Sterling (daughter); Rusty Sterling (son)
First: Amityville 1992: It's About Time (1992)
Actor: Stephen Macht

Jacob Sterling was the main character from the 1992 film Amityville: It's About Time. He was played by actor Stephen Macht.

Biography Edit

Jacob Sterling was an achitect from Burlwood, California. Following a business trip to the town of Amityville, Long Island, Jake received a massive assignment to design a housing development in the suburbs that had the same appeal as the timeless aspects he found in Amityvlle.

During his trip, he visited the old Lutz home at 112 Ocean Avenue and took a wall-mounted clock back to his home in Burlwood. Almost immediately afterward, Jake began to suffer through a series of traumatic events - all of which seemed somehow tied in to the presence of the clock. The clock began moving about the house of it's own accord, firmly planting itself above the mantle. Whenever Jake walked into the living room where the clock now rested, he was assaulted by images of a sadistic torture chamber.

Jake's foibles were not contained to just the house however. While jogging, he was viciously mauled by his neighbor's dog, Peaches, and had to go to the hospital. His former girlfriend, art student Andrea Livingston tried helping Jacob and his family, but began to notice how he had grown more surly and aggressive as of late.

Bizarre things continued to take place at the Sterling residence and Jake tried to concentrate on designing the new neighborhood layout. His children suffered through several intense ordeals as time itself was distorted where what seemed like the passing of only a few minutes actually took several hours. Jake and Andrea found time peeling backward, rewinding to the point when Jake first brought the wall clock to the house. At this point, Andrea took the clock from the wall and smashed it and everything appeared to return to normal afterward.

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