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Category: City
Country: United States of America
State: New York
County: Tompkins County
Notable apperances: Being Human

Ithaca is an American city located in Upstate New York. It is the county seat of Tompkins County and was founded in 1790. It became an incorporated city in 1888.

Movie screenwriter Allison Burnett was born in Ithaca, New York. Allison was a co-writer on the 2012 film Underworld Awakening.

Ithaca has been briefly seen and referenced on numerous occasions in the 2011 Syfy series Being Human. It is the home town of nebbish werewolf orderly Josh Levinson and his family, which includes his unnamed Jewish parents and his lesbian sister Emily. Josh's former fiancée, Julia is also from Ithaca, as well as his best friend Stu. [1]

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Being Human Edit

While camping in Upstate New York, Josh and Stu were attacked by a werewolf named Ray, who murdered Stu and spread the curse of lycanthropy onto Josh. Because of this, Josh severed all ties with his family, including Julia. He eventually relocated to Boston, Massachusetts, but his past always had a way of catching up to him. Josh returned to Ithaca to visit his parents at the behest of his sister. He brought his best friend Aidan Waite along with him, but made a point to not disclose the fact that Aidan was a vampire to his family. A rival vampire named Marcus Damnian tracked Josh back to Ithaca and tried to kill his family, but Aidan managed to drive him off. [2]

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Character Series/Film
Emily Levinson Being Human
Josh Levinson Being Human
Julia Being Human
Stu Being Human

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