Isle of the Snake People is a joint US/Mexican horror film co-produced by Columbia Pictures and Azteca Films. It was written and directed by Juan Ibáñez and Jack Hill. The script was also co-written by Luis Enrique Vergara. It was produced by Ibáñez and Henry Verg and released theatrically in March, 1971. The film is notable for being one of the final movie roles of horror icon Boris Karloff who plays the lead role of Carl van Molder in this film.

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On the Pacific island of Korbai, the natives practice in ceremonies of voodoo and black magic lead by the mysterious priest Damballah. A young woman, Annabella Vandenberg arrives on the island to ask for the help of her uncle, plantation owner, Karl van Molder, in her quest to abolish alcohol. Also arriving is a police officer from the mainland, Captain Pierre Labesch, who is determined to crack down on the place's lawlessness. Soon, the cult kidnap Annabella to use as a sacrifice in order to resurrect Baron Samedi, leader of the undead.

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  • Alternatively known as just Snake People in the UK. In Hungary, the film was released under the title Cult of the Dead.
  • Production on Isle of the Snake People was conducted from May to June, 1968.

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