Isela Vega Durazo is a Mexican film actress and fashion model born in the town of Sonora#Hermosillo, Sonora on November 5th, 1939. Her career in modeling began at the age of eighteen when she was named "Princess" at the 1957 Carnival in Hermosillo. Her first film role was playing a character named Carmen in the 1960 mystery/thriller Verano violento. Her first job in a horror film was in 1968 when she played Helga opposite Boris Karloff in the b-movie The Fear Chamber. The following year, Isela played a woman named Lisa in Madame Death, which starred another horror movie icon, John Carradine. Her next genre work was not until 1988 when she appeared in the Glenn Gebhard film Blood Screams (also known as The Bloody Monks).

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