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Human sacrifice is a process by which the life of an individual is intentionally ended in the hopes of gaining favor with some order of elder being, usually demons. The practice is used by demonic cults who offer up their sacrifices as part of a ritual to invoke said demon and is usually accompanied by rites of invocation as well as the use of various ceremonial tools. More often than not, the human that is to be offered up is female. This is likely intended to reflect the virginal nature of a woman as well as the maternal traits of being child bearers. Virgin sacrifices are quite common amongst demonic cults as demons tend to prey on that which is innocent and pure.

As human sacrifice ultimately leads to the death of he or she who is to be sacrificed, the practice is frowned upon in most civilized cultures and is almost always illegal. However, an argument could probably be made for the willfull sacrifice of director/producer Michael Bay for perpetuating so many crappy horror movie remakes.

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