Howell & Holt Funeral Home
Category: Business
Continent: North America
Country: United States of America
State: Massachusetts
City: Boston
Notable apperances: Being Human (US)
1st appearance: "The Teens, They Are a Changin'"

The Howell & Holt Funeral Home is a fictional location featured in the US version of the supernatural drama series Being Human. It first appeared in the third episode of season three, "The Teens, They Are a Changin'".

Description & History Edit

The Howell & Holt Funeral Home was first established in Boston, Massachusetts in 1829. In the year 2013, it was operated by a youthful funeral director named Max. A man named Trent Harris, who had recently died, was brought to the funeral home so he could be prepared for his memorial service. Trent's ghost lingered about the building where he met up with Sally Malik - a former ghost who, though a normal human, could still communicate with the dead. She explained to Trent that she was the one responsible for his death - a fact that Harris did not take well at all. He was enraged at Sally, but Malik promised him that she would find a way to get him to find "his door" so he could move on to the afterlife. Trent had little faith in Sally's good will and wanted nothing more for her to just leave him alone.

On the day of Trent's service, Sally convinced the funeral director Max to let her linger in a side room in the hopes that she might be able to speak to Trent's fiancé, Candace. Max didn't care for such impropriety, but agreeed nonetheless. Candace met with Sally, who told her that she knew Trent and that she was trying to help his spirit move on. Candace was cold to her at first, but after discovering that Sally and he had made out, she felt a sense of relief. She confessed that she had been cheating on Trent for almost a year (which Trent's ghost found took as quite a surprise) and that the realization that they were wrong for one another helped to wash away her guilt. In the end, she actually thanked Sally for coming to her.

The funeral director Max expressed his appreciation to Sally over the fact that she could bring a sense of peace to the grieving loved ones - something he felt he could never accomplish himself with any degree of satisfaction. [1]

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