House of the Dead II
House of the Dead II (2005)
Title: House of the Dead II
Directed by: Michael Hurst
Written by: Mark A. Altman; Michael Roesch
Produced by: Mark A. Altman; Bill Berry; Mark Gottwald; Chuck Speed
Music by: Joe Kraemer
Cinematography: Raymond Stella
Edited by: Joseph Gutowski
Distributed by: Mindfire Entertainment
Lions Gate Entertainment
Released: October 14th, 2005
Rating: R
Running time: 95 min.
Country: USA
Language: English
Budget: $6,000,000
Previous: House of the Dead (2003)

House of the Dead II is an American independent horror film of the zombie apocalypse genre. It is the second installment in the series that continues from 2003's House of the Dead, directed by Uwe Boll. The sequel was directed by Michael Hurst and written by Michael Roesch based on a story treatment developed by Mark A. Altman (who also co-produced the film). It was first screened on October 14th, 2005. The movie stars Emmanuelle Vaugier as Alexandra "Nightingale" Morgan, Ed Quinn as Ellis, Kirk "Sticky Fingaz" Jones as Dalton, Steve Monroe as O'Conner, [[Victoria Pratt as Henson, James Parks as Bart, Dan Southworth as Nakagawa and Billy Brown as Griffin.

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  • This film is alternatively known as House of the Dead 2.
  • The tagline for this film is, "It took only a single zombie to spawn an army. It'll take everything humanity has to stop it".
  • Originally, Uwe Boll was set to direct the sequel to his first film, House of the Dead, but he was already in production of BloodRayne which, like House of the Dead, is also based on a series of video games.
  • House of the Dead II was filmed at Occidental College in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, California and East Los Angele College in Monterey Park.

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