House of Evil
House of Evil (1968)
Title: House of Evil
Directed by: Juan Ibáñez
Jack Hill
Written by: Luis Enrique Vergara
Jack Hill
Produced by: Juan Ibáñez
Luis Enrique Vergara
Music by: Enrico C. Cabiati
Alice Uretta
Cinematography: Raúl Domínguez
Austin McKinney
Distributed by: Columbia Pictures
Azteca Films
Released: 1968
Rating: PG
Running time: 89 min.
Country: Mexico/USA
Language: English dubbed

Plot Edit

Moorhenge Mansion, 1900: the elderly dying recluse Matthias Morteval invites his last known relatives to his mansion for a will reading but with the actual intention of unmasking the carrier of a recently returned murderous family illness. Unexpectedly, Morteval dies and soon his guests are being killed by his brother's living toys.

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Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Known as Serenata macabra in Mexico.
  • A few minutes of the film are trimmed off in the US screenings of House of Evil. It remained on the shelf in US markets and did not receive a mainstream theatrical release until 1978; ten years after it was shot. [2]

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