Hexed - The Devil I Know (HC)
Title: Hexed
Publisher: Boom! Studios
Type: Limited series
Published: 2008-2009
Total issues: 4
Creators: Michael Alan Nelson; Emma Rios; Christiane Peter; Marshall M. Dillon; Matt Gagnon; Paul Pope; Joe Pekar

Hexed is an American comic book limited series of the supernatural fantasy genre. It was published by Boom! Studios from December, 2008 to March, 2009. The series was written by Michael Alan Nelson with artwork and inks by Emma Rios. It was colored by Christiane Peter and lettered by Marshall M. Dillon. The series was edited by Matt Gagnon and featured cover art illustrations composed by Emma Rios. Variant cover editions were illustrated by Joe Pekar. The series was collected in hardcover format in July, 2009 and in trade paperback format in March, 2011.


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