Headless Eyes
Headless Eyes (1971)
Title: Headless Eyes
Directed by: Kent Bateman
Written by: Kent Bateman
Produced by: David Bowman; Chandler Warren; Ronald Sullivan; Bayard Stevens
Distributed by: Laviniaque Films
J.E.R. Pictures
Released: 1971
Rating: X
Running time: 78 min.
Country: USA
Language: English

Headless Eyes is a 1971 horror film written and directed by Kent Bateman. It had limited theatrical release in the United States, but found a footing in the home video market and has been distributed in VHS format by Vestron Video, Wizard Video, Jet Films International and Cinema Shares International Distribution. The plot of the film revolves around an artist named Arthur Malcolm who suffers a severe eye injury after committing a robbery. Once he is healed, Arthur goes on a mad killing spree, attacking innocent women and gouging their eyes out with a spoon.

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Notes & Trivia Edit

  • The tagline for this film is "He's out there...out of sight, and out of his mind!"
  • Is considered a "video nasty".
  • Has not yet been released to DVD or Blu-ray format.
  • Producer Ron Sullivan is credited as Henri Pachard in this film.
  • According to director Kent Bateman, Ron Sullivan added material to the film without Bateman's knowledge or consent. [1]

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