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Headhunter's Horror House is a collaborative website about anything relating to the Horror genre from films, television, comics, novels, games and more! Even better, anyone can edit! Even the dead! Like Frankenstein's monster, this wiki is being stitched together piece by bloody piece. Headhunter's Horror House Wiki is an official partner of Headhunter's Horror House Reviews and the Snarky Monkey Initiative. Get your snark on! Check out the FAQ to help you get started!

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Featured episode

Munsters Episode - Munster Masquerade

"Munster Masquerade" is the first episode of season one of The Munsters and was directed by Lawrence Dobkin. It first aired on CBS on September 24th, 1964. In the episode, the parents of Marilyn's new boyfriend invite her family to a masquerade party. Not understanding that they don't really need to wear costumes, the Munsters labor to find the perfect outfit for the festivities.

Marilyn and her boyfriend Tom Daly are standing outside her home at 1313 Mockingbird Lane. She wants Tom to come inside to meet her aunt and uncle, but Tom would rather spend more quality time with Marilyn. Tom invites Marilyn and her family to attend a masquerade party that his family is throwing. Marilyn accepts, but warns Tom that her aunt and uncle are very old fashioned. From inside the house, Herman Munster watches the two of them through a window. He pulls away from the curtain and tells his wife, Lily, about Marilyn and her new boyfriend.



Take the Insidious quiz! Check out the pages relating to the film Insidious hosted by the folks over at the Horror Wiki and take the quiz.

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Featured Article

Featured film

Friday the 13th (1980)

Friday the 13th is an American horror film of the slasher sub-genre directed by Sean S. Cunningham and produced by Steve Miner. It is the first in a series that spans more than ten sequels and is arguably one of the most influential modern horror films of all time. Friday the 13th was remade in 2009 by Marcus Nispel, but only includes snapshots of events chronicled in the original movie. The plot of the movie is loosely inspired by the 1971 Mario Bava film Reazione a catena (known in the US market as Bay of Blood). The story involves a group of young campground conselors who decide to repair and re-open Camp Crystal Lake for the summer. They soon discover that Camp Crystal Lake has a dark and sordid history and the past comes back to haunt them as an unseen figure begins killing off the unsuspecting camp counselors one at a time.


Featured character

Marlow the Vampire

Marlow Roderick is a fictional vampire and one of the central antagonists in the 30 Days of Night comic book series and 2007 feature film. In the film he was played by actor Danny Huston. Marlow Roderick was a vampire in service to an elder named Vicente. In 2002, Marlow learned about an isolated region known as Barrow in the US state of Alaska. For thirty days out of every year from November 18th to December 17th, the entire town is plunged into a month-long frigid, endless night with no sun. Such an environment was perfect hunting ground for any vampire. Vicente was intrigued to learn about this and ordered Marlow to take his brood and go to Barrow ahead of him.

Featured quote

"Sam, I was mixin' whiskey sours for my mama when I was in the first grade. It's just like ridin' a bicycle."
Tara Thornton[src]

Current projects

For the forseeable future, it is best that all visitors understand that there are going to be a LOT of stub articles being created here with very little information available at start up. This is being done for several reasons and there are both pros and cons to this seemingly lazy-ass initiative.


  • It makes the database as a whole look neater and more streamlined. Down with the red links I say! Pages that are littered with dozens of red hyper-links just look messy and unmanaged.
  • Freshly created stub pages will include all of the currently available infobox templates, which is the standard for nearly every type of article to be found on Headhunter's Horror House Wiki. This, along with proper categorization (hopefully), will allow future editors the ease of being able to drop relevant information into the correct section of an article or infobox with no muss and no fuss.
  • Stub articles will hopefully inspire editors to improve upon an article in any way they can. Get the creative juices flowing, folks! Or... some kind of juices anyway.


  • Casual visitors will be sorely disappointed when they open a link to a particular article and see nothing but a stub page. This makes Baby Leatherface cry. And we do not want Baby Leatherface to cry now, do we?
  • Stub articles implies and encourages laziness, which is no way for any project to be handled. It makes others think that we as editors either do not know what we are doing, or that we simply do not care. Boooo!

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