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  • A working title for the film is Frat Fright.
  • This movie marks the directorial debut of Brian Owens. He is also known for writing the story treatment for the 1994 supernatural thriller Brainscan.
  • Actor Elvis Restaino is credited as Robert Restraino in this film.
  • Actor Frank John Hughes is credited as Franke Hughes in this film.
  • A nurse in the film can be seen watching the 1986 action movie Busted Up, directed by Conrad E. Palmisano.
  • Believe it or not, Brian Owens actually appeared as fictionalized version of himself on the "A Dentist and the Tooth Fairy" episode of the childrens' PBS series Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.
  • Actors Darren McGavin and Jorja Fox each receive top billing on video releases of the film, even though they only play minor roles in the movie itself. Jorja Fox is not given an on-screen credit. McGavin is best known for playing Carl Kolchak on Kolchak: The Night Stalker, while Jorja Fox is best known for playing Sara Sidle on the TV series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

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