Hannibal Coons
Birth name: Stanley J. Coons
Gender: Male
Medium(s): Television
Roles: Writer
Date of birth: March 26th, 1909
Place of birth: Jackson, Missouri
Date of death: April 29th, 1977
Place of death: Los Angeles, California
Notable works: The Addams Family
First: The Addams Family: Morticia and the Psychiatrist

Hannibal Coons was a television script writer born Stanley J. Coons. He was born in Jackson, Missouri on March 26th, 1909. Hannibal Coons worked on the comedy series The Addams Family, which aired on ABC from 1964 to 1966. Coons wrote twenty-five episodes of the original series.

Hannibal Coons passed away in Los Angeles, California on April 29th, 1977 at the age of 68.

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  • Hannibal's older brother, Maurice Coons, wrote the novel Scarface from which the 1983 film with Al Pacino is based. He is also known by his pen name Armitage Trail.
  • Two of Coons' scripts were later remade as episodes of The New Addams Family. These episodes include "Morticia the Matchmaker" and "The Tale of Long John Addams".

Other works Edit

  • Dennis the Menace, 1959-1961; 6 episodes
  • "Dennis' Garden
  • "Dennis' Tree House
  • "Dennis Become a Baby Sitter"
  • "The Raffle Ticket"
  • "Dennis' Penny Collection"
  • "Dennis' Tool Chest"
  • Bachelor Father, 1962; "The Hong Kong Suit"
  • My Three Sons, 1963; "Top Secret"
  • Vacation Playhouse, 1964; "Hey, Teacher"
  • Petticoat Junction, 1964; 5 episodes
  • "Last Chance Farm"
  • "Betty Jo's First Love"
  • "The Hooterville Flivverball
  • "Charley Abandons the Cannonball"
  • "Have Library Will Travel"
  • "You Like Buffy Better"
  • "A Waltz from Vienna"

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