"Visitor from the Grave" is the eleventh episode of Hammer House of Horror, a one-hour television series that aired in the United Kingdom from April to December of 1980. The episode was directed by Peter Sasdy with a script written by John Elder. It first aired on ITV on November 22nd, 1980. In this episode, an intruder breaks into the home of Penny Van Brutten and tries to rape her. She shoots him in the face and hides the body, but her husband Harry must help her to cover up for her crime.

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  • Actress Mia Nadasi is the wife of director Peter Sasdy.
  • Gordon Reid is uncredited in this episode.
  • Actor Gareth Thomas is best known for playing the role of Roj Blake on the British sci-fi series Blake's 7. Darrow's Blake's 7 co-star Paul Darrow appeared in "Guardian of the Abyss".

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