"The Mark of Satan" is the thirteenth and final episode of the British television series, Hammer House of Horror. It was directed by Don Leaver and written by Don Shaw. It first aired on ITV1 on Saturday, December 6th, 1980. The episode stars Peter McEnery; Georgina Hale; Emrys James; Anthony Brown; Conrad Phillips and Peter Birrel. In this episode, morgue attendant Edwyn Rord becomes obsessed with the number 9 after working on a cadaver who had drilled a hole into his head. He begins seeing the number cropping up everywhere he goes and begins to slowly go insane. He is convinced that his actions are being guided by the Devil who is trying to take possession of him.

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  • The church featured in this episode is Holy Cross Church in Greenford, Middlesex. The hospital scenes from this episode were filmed at Hillingdon Hospital. [1]

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