Hamilton University is a fictional college featured in the Teen Wolf film franchise. It was the primary setting of the 1987 sequel film Teen Wolf Too.

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Hamilton University is located in the state of Colorado and is administered by Dean Dunn, so-called "Dean of Men". Dunn recruited former basketball coach Bobby Finstock from Beacontown High School and placed him in charge of honing the University's boxing team. Finstock took the task with little enthusiam, but was made to see the Dean's interest, particularly when faced with emasculation at the hands of the senior instructor's prized dog.

Todd Howard won a sports scholarship to attend Hamilton despite the fact that he actually wanted to be a veterinarian. Arriving at Hamilton, Todd was surprised to discover that his college roommate was none other than cousin Scott's best friend Rupert "Stiles" Stilinski. Both his uncle Harold Howard and Stiles knew of the lycanthropy that afflicted many of the male members of the Howard family, but Todd dismissed their beliefs that he might suddenly turn into a teenage werewolf.

As luck would have it however, Todd did inherit the family trait and began demonstrating werewolf-like characteristics from the first day at school. The second time the change overtook him, Todd embraced being a werewolf and became an overnight celebrity amongst both the staff and student body at Hamilton University. Finally, Dean Dunn had the edge he needed to put Todd's boxing skills (or lack thereof) to use. With the benefits of his advanced strength and reflexes, Todd easily defeated the opposing school's boxers. [1]

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  • Not to be confused with the actual Hamilton University, an unaccredited school in Evanston, Wyoming.
  • The setting used for Hamilton University was actually Pomona College in Claremont, California.

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