"That night, the world changed. I found out I had a brother. I found out that my life had been a lie as HE came home and murdered everyone dear to me."
Laurie Strode

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November 5th, 1978
Laurie Strode attends the funeral of her close friend Annie Brackett. She reflects upon the horror of recent days and comes to grips with the terrible truth that the older brother she never knew she had, had come to Haddonfield to kill her. Standing next to her at the service is Sally Winters. Sally was fortunate to have been at home in bed with the flu on Halloween night when Laurie's brother, Michael Myers, went on his rampage.

After the funeral, Laurie goes to see Jimmy. Jimmy no longer works at the hospital. The head injury he sustained has been causing him to go into seizures. Now he just sits at home with his mother watching over him.

After visiting Jimmy, Laurie goes for a walk with Sally Winters. They pass the house of an aging, lecherous pervert named Mister Riddle. Sally is bothered by his sneering gaze, but Laurie urges her to keep walking.

They go back to Laurie's house and Sally gives her some pot. They smoke up inside her bedroom, and Laurie tries to come to terms with everything that she had learned recently. She shows Sally the dusty diary of Judith Myers, her late older sister. Apparently her adoptive parents had kept it in their possession ever since Laurie's natural parents died in a car accident in 1966. Reading the journal, Laurie determines that Michael possessed psychopathic tendencies even before she was born.

Laurie puts down the diary and looks outside. She is horrified to see Michael Myers standing amongst the clothes lines. She screams and Sally comes to the window. When they take a second look, they see the body of old Mister Riddle sitting dead in a chair in the back yard. Laurie runs out of the house screaming, straight into the arms of Doctor Loomis.

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