Haddonfield High School
Haddonfield High School
Category: Learning center
Continent: North America
Country: United States of America
State: Illinois
County: Warren County
Town: Haddonfield
Notable apperances: Halloween film series
1st appearance: Halloween (1978)

Haddonfield High School is a fictional learning center featured in the Halloween film series. It first appeared in the 1978 movie Halloween and also appeared in the 2007 remake of Halloween.

Haddonfield High School was located in the town of Haddonfield in Warren County, Illinois. Although it would be a fair assumption to think that all teenage characters presented in the film series were at one point students at Haddonfield High, the only ones presented as actual students in the series are Laurie Strode, Annie Brackett and Lynda van der Klok. It is implied in the first film that Bennett Tramer was also a student, but this is only through a contextual reference made by Laurie and Annie.

In the remake series, only the characters of Laurie, Annie and Lynda are shown to be high school students. None of the faculty of Haddonfield High are ever referenced in any of the films.

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  • It is possible that Kelly Meeker. Brady and Wade from Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers may have been students here as well. They all appear to have been of high school age in the film, but this implication presupposes that there are no other high schools in Haddonfield, to say nothing of the possibility of private schooling.
  • The character of Bob Simms from the first Halloween has been retroactively considered a student at Haddonfield High School through non-canon expanded material relating to the franchise. He was not shown to be a high school student in the film.

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