Ludwig and little Maria

A villager is any man, woman or child who resides in a village. In fiction, villagers play a prominent role in many gothic horror stories set in Europe, particularly those that take place in the 18th and 19th centuries. Villagers tend to hail from a working class stock of people and they earn a living as laborers, coach drivers, grave diggers, shepherds, farmers, bartenders, members of the clergy and so on. European villagers tend to be a superstitious and religious lot and fully believe in the existence of curses, vampires, witches, ghosts and werewolves. Despite any precautions they may take however, villagers often find themselves easy prey for those things that lurk in the shadows. Werewolves find slow-moving villagers to be a rather tasty treat and more than one has lost their lives at the hands of the Frankenstein Monster. All things being equal, there is only so much abuse a village community is willing to take before it strikes back. If news strikes of a monster roaming about the town, villagers will quickly band together to form lynch mobs, arming themselves with torches and various farming equipment to mete out their own brand of justice against whatever threatens them. In villages located in the West Indies and Caribbean islands, villagers are often known to be practitioners of voodoo. At the very least, they are aware of such practices and may even possess some knowledge on how to protect themselves from the forces of the occult.

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