Scientific experimentation

It's Alive

Scientists are always mucking about with things that will ultimately come back to bite them in the ass. The most celebrated offender of such irresponsible acts of science gone awry is without question Doctor Victor Frankenstein. Using various untried chemical and electrical processes, Victor Frankenstein created a new form of life by infusing an electric current into a body sewen together from parts culled from human cadavers. This reanimated being has since become known as the Frankenstein Monster. Hot on the heels of Victor's stellar work in "monster-making" is Doctor Herbert West - a brilliant and ambitious student of Miskatonic University who invented a serum called Re-Agent that (as its name suggests) reanimated the dead, releasing a plague of zombies upon the campus grounds. Phrases such as "It's alive!" tend to be famous last words amongst these types.
(See Also: Appearances of scientific experimentation)
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