10 Plagues of Egypt

The 10 Plagues of Egypt, also referred to as the Plagues of Egypt, or the Biblical Plagues, are the ten calamities imposed upon Egypt by God in the Bible (as recounted in the Book of Exodus, Chapters 7–12), to convince Pharaoh to let the poorly treated Israelite slaves go. The Plagues of Egypt play a major part in several films such as The Abominable Dr. Phibes, The Reaping and the 1999 remake of the Mummy. The 10 biblical plagues are listed as follows:

  1. Plague of blood
  2. Plague of frogs
  3. Plague of gnats
  4. Plague of flies
  5. Plague of pestilence
  6. Plague of Boils
  7. Plague of hail
  8. Plague of locusts
  9. Plague of darkness
  10. Death of the firstborn son

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