Gloria Sullivan
Gloria Sullivan
Gloria Sullivan
Notability: Supporting character
Type: Murder victim
Gender: Female
Location: Kahiki Palms Motel
Known relatives: Roy Sullivan [1]
Status: Deceased
Born: 1928 [2]
Died: 1978
1st appearance: Devil's Rejects, The
Actor: Priscilla Barnes

Gloria Sullivan was one of five primary victims featured in the 2005 film The Devil's Rejects. She was played by actress Priscilla Barnes.

Biography Edit

Gloria Sullivan was the wife of Roy Sullivan, and part of the four-person country/western band Banjo & Sullivan. In 1978, the band rented a room at the Kahiki Palms Motel in Ruggsville. The Sullivans had not even unpacked their bags when they became hostages to two serial killers known as Otis B. Driftwood and Baby Firefly. Otis took great pleasure in dehumanizing Gloria as much as possible. He forced her to strip down to her underwear and began fondling her, even to the extent of shoving his pistol into her underwear. He then made Gloria rub herself against him in a provocative manner while her husband was forced to watch.

Later, Otis left Baby in charge of keeping an eye on Gloria and her band-mate Wendy Banjo, while he took Roy Sullivan and Adam Banjo out to procure weapons. Baby, easily bored, entertained herself by pointing her gun at Wendy and forcing her to slap Gloria repeatedly across the face. Wendy managed to convince Baby to let her go to the bathroom, at which point, Gloria was able to get a hold of Baby's gun. She pointed the weapon at her, but Baby withdrew a knife and threw it across the room, stabbing Gloria in the chest. Gloria fell to her knees and pulled the knife from her chest. Baby turned, laughed, pulled her pants down and dared Gloria to shoot her in the buttocks. The dying woman pulled the trigger, but the gun was unloaded. She then fell to the floor dead. Baby and Otis propped Gloria (as well as the body of band roadie Jimmy) in the bathroom shower and wrote the words "The Devil's Rejects" on the wall in their blood.

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • The character of Gloria Sullivan was created by writer/director Rob Zombie.
  • Actress Priscilla Barnes is best known for playing the role of Terri Alden, the "third blonde" roommate on the popular ABC sit-com Three's Company.

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References Edit

  1. Husband, deceased.
  2. Date approximated based upon the relative age of actress Priscilla Barnes at the time the film takes place.

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