Ghosts of Mars
Ghosts of Mars (2001)
Title: Ghosts of Mars
Directed by: John Carpenter
Written by: Lary Sulkis; John Carpenter
Produced by: Sandy King
Music by: John Carpenter; Anthrax
Cinematography: Gary B. Kibbe
Edited by: Paul C. Warschilka
Distributed by: Screen Gems, Inc.
Sony Pictures Entertainment
Released: August 24th, 2001
Rating: R
Running time: 98 min.
Country: USA
Language: English
Budget: $28,000,000
Gross: $8,434,601 (US)
$14,010,832 (Worldwide)

Ghosts of Mars is an American horror film of the science fiction and survival horror subgenres. It was directed by John Carpenter and written by Carpenter and Larry Sulkis. The film was produced by Screen Gems, Inc. and released through Sony Pictures Entertainment on August 24th, 2001. The film stars Natasha Henstridge, Ice Cube, Jason Statham, Clea DuVall, Joanna Cassidy and 1970s icon Pam Grier.

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  • Ghosts of Mars grossed $3,804,452 over it's opening weekend in the United States and £104,723 over it's opening weekend in the UK. It's total US gross was $8,434,601. It grossed $14,010,832 worldwide.
  • Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun Times gave Ghosts of Mars 3 stars.
  • Rotten Tomatoes gives Ghosts of Mars an approval rating of 21%.
  • Metacritic gave Ghosts of Mars a metascore of 35/100.
  • The Popcorn Pictures review site gave Ghosts of Mars 3/5 stars.

Trivia Edit

  • The tagline for this film is, "Terror is the same on any planet."
  • Internet movie reviewer Harry Knowles of the website Ain't It Cool News has a cameo appearance as a head on a stake.
  • The population of Mars at the start of this movie is 640,000 colonists.

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22nd century; 2176; Chryse; Mars; Mars Police Force; Terraforming

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