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Gerard Argent
Teen Wolf 2x01 003
Gerard Argent
Continuity: Teen Wolf
Type: Supporting character
Gender: Male
Location: Beacon Hills, California
Known relatives: Christopher Argent (son); Victoria Argent (daughter-in-law, deceased); Kate Argent (daughter, deceased); Allison Argent (granddaughter)
1st appearance: "Omega"
Actor: Michael Hogan

Gerard Argent is a fictional werewolf hunter featured in the MTV television series Teen Wolf. He is played by actor Michael Hogan. He first appeared in the season two premiere episode, "Omega" and was one of the central antagonists throughout the season.

Biography Edit

Gerard Argent is the patriarch of the Argent family line, whose hereditary profession is that of monster hunters. He is the father of Christopher Argent and the late Kate Argent. Gerard came to Beacon Hills to attend the funeral of his daughter, after she had been killed by Alpha werewolf Peter Hale. (TW: Code Breaker) ( TW: Omega)

Gerard took command of the Argent family following that and proved to have a more hard-lined approach to the family business than even Christopher. He demonstrated this by viciously slaughtering an Omega werewolf that his colleagues and he had captured.

He took a special interest in his granddaugther, Allison, and felt that Christopher was not doing enough to indoctrinate her into the craft of werewolf hunting. Gerard also seemed to have keen knowledge relating to a shape-shifter known as a kanima, which had been terrorizing Beacon Hills.

Along with Christopher's wife, Victoria Argent, Gerard used torture to manipulate himself into the faculty of Beacon Hills High School, assuming the role of the school's principal. Here he was able to keep a closer eye on Allison, as well as her boyfriend, Scott McCall, whom Gerard knew to be a werewolf. Gerard even confronted Scott, stabbing him through the stomach with a hunting knife. Scott survived, but realized that Gerard was sending him a painfully clear message to stay away from his granddaughter.

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Actor Michael Hogan is usually known for playing cold-hearted characters. He played alcoholic military commander Colonel Saul Tigh in the 2003 relaunch of Battlestar Galactica. He also played covert government agent Slade Wilson, aka, Deathstroke, in two episodes of the superhero fantasy series Smallville. Coincidentally, both characters had only one eye.

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