Fuck You Crew
Fuck You Crew
Continuity: True Blood
Type: Gang
Status: Inactive
Leaders: Cooter Johnson
Allies: Russell Edgington; Debbie Pelt
Enemies: Bill Compton; Alcide Herveaux
First appearance: "Bad Blood"

The Fuck You Crew is a group of werewolves featured in the HBO television series True Blood. They were introduced in the premiere episode of season three, "Bad Blood".

The Fuck You Crew are a group of young, wild werewolves based out of Mississippi who enjoy riding big motorcycles and living the fast life. They often hang out at a popular were bar called Lou Pines. The Fuck You Crew are employed by the vampire king of Mississippi, Russell Edgington, who supplies them with vampire blood, which accentuates their natural aggressive tendencies and physical prowess, but also keeps them compliant and loyal to Edgington. The leader of the group was a man named Cooter Johnson.

Under orders from Russell Edgington, the Fuck You Crew abducted a vampire named Bill Compton and kept him bound with silver. They took it upon themselves to begin draining Bill while driving him back to Edgington. Intoxicated by vampire blood, they failed to notice Bill slipping a motorcycle glove off of Cooter and using it to remove the silver. He fought back, overturning the car and managed to escape. [1]

The Fuck You Crew assumed their wolf forms and tracked Compton down, but by the time they caught up with him, Bill had replenished his depleted blood supply. Compton tore into the wolves, ripping a leg off a biker named Hank and biting off the ear of another member named Louie. A large wolf named Gus was knocked unconscious. Cooter Johnson was prepared to fight Bill one on one, but was stopped by the unexpected arrival of Russell Edgington.

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • The members of the Fuck You Crew were also associated with the Wolfsangel, which is the German word for "wolf's hook". Members of the Wolfsangel were branded on the neck with a Runic symbol, which originated during the Viking era. The symbol itself was intended to ward off wolves. The symbol was also found on Nazi officers under Adolf Hitler's Operation Werewolf during World War II, and included many members of the SS. There were two Runic symbols associated with the Wolfsangel - the Odal-rune and the Eif-rune. Cooter Johnson had the Eif-rune branded on his neck.

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