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Frankie (Drak Pack)
Type: Main character
Gender: Male
First: Drak Pack: Grimmest Book of Records
Actor: William Callaway

Frankie was one of the main characters on the 1980-1982 Hanna-Barbera animated series Drak Pack. He was voiced by actor William Callaway and appeared in all sixteen episodes of the program.

Biography Edit

Frankie was one of three teenagers who formed the "terrific trio" of do-gooders known as the Drak Pack. Frankie had the appearance of a normal, if large, boy, but once he clasped hands with his friends Howler and Drak, he transformed into a hulking, green-skinned brute with superhuman strength (not to be confused with another "hulk"ing green-skinned brute whose actions could very well be described as incredible). Frankie, Drak and Howler were all descendants of legendary monsters, but unlike their forbearers, the Drak Pack had no interest in terrorizing people, but rather, preferred to atone for their parents' sins by fighting up against the forces of evil; specifically, the diabolical Dr. Dred and his criminal organization O.G.R.E.

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