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Frankenstein is a television miniseries that adapts the original 1818 novel Frankenstein; or, the Modern Prometheus by Mary Shelley. It was directed by Kevin Connor with a screenplay by Mark Kruger. It was produced by Hallmark Entertainment in association with RTL2 and aired on the Hallmark Channel in two installments on October 5th-6th, 2004. Moreso than any of it's predecessors, the Hallmark version of Frankenstein is very faithful to Mary Shelley's novel and stars Alec Newman as the ambitious young Swiss scientist Doctor Victor Frankenstein. Luke Goss (Blade II) plays Doctor Frankenstein's sympathetic creation, referred to only as the Creature. Supporting cast members include Julie Delpy as Victor's mother, Caroline Frankenstein, Nicole Lewis as his wife Elizabeth, Monika Hilmerová as the unfortunate maid servant Justine Moritz, William Hurt as Professor Waldman and Donald Sutherland as Captain Walton.

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  • The US airing of the film ran 204 minutes, while the full version of the movie aired in the UK at 268 minutes.

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Includes films relating to the Frankenstein franchise based on the 1818 novel by author Mary Shelley

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