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Frank Frazetta was an American fantasy and science fiction artist, noted for work in comic books, paperback book covers, paintings, posters, LP record album covers and other media. In 1944, at age 15, Frazetta, who had "always had this urge to be doing comic books",[5] began working in comics artist Bernard Baily's studio doing pencil clean-ups. In the early 1950s, he worked for EC Comics, National Comics, Avon Comics, and several other comic book companies. Much of his work in comic books was done in collaboration with friend Al Williamson and mentor Roy Krenkel. After this time, most of Frazetta's work was commercial in nature, including paintings and illustrations for movie posters, book jackets, and calendars. Primarily, these were in oil, but he also worked with watercolor, ink, and pencil alone. Frazetta's work in comics during this time were cover paintings and a few comic stories for the Warren Publishing horror magazines Creepy, Eerie, and Vampirella.

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