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Frank (28 Days Later)
Continuity: 28 Days Later
Notability: Supporting character
Gender: Male
Location: England
Known relatives: Hannah (daughter)
Died: 2002
1st appearance: 28 Days Later (2002)
Actor: Brendan Gleeson

Frank is a fictional taxicab driver and a supporting character from the 2002 survival horror film 28 Days Later. He was played by actor Brendan Gleeson.

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Frank was a taxicab driver and the father of Hannah. They lived in a high-rise apartment in London. He safeguarded his home by wearing protective armor and a face mask. Frank befriended Jim and Selena and realized that he needed their help. He relied upon them to look after Hannah should something happen to him. They decided to take Frank's cab to Manchester in the hopes of finding a military base that might possess a cure for the infection. En route however, Frank was infected and gunned down by military soldiers.

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