Forever Knight: The Trilogy (Part One) is a the first of three DVD collections which includes all 70 episodes of the 1992-1996 Canadian/US television series Forever Knight. Part One of the collection includes all 22 episodes from season 1.

In 1992, CBS premiered FOREVER KNIGHT, a stylish and sexy television series. An immediate cult sensation, the series chronicled the journeys of Nicholas Knight (Geraint Wyn Davies), an ancient vampire from the thirteenth century living in present-day Toronto.

After centuries of sinful bloodshed, Nicholas Knight has forsaken immortality and is determined to reclaim his humanity. He now spends his nights as a homicide detective with his partner, Donald Schanke, fighting the city's most brutal crimes. Joining in Nicholas' quest is Dr. Natalie Lambert, a brilliant forensic scientist, whos is inching closer to the cure for his supernatural condition. The master vampire Lucien LaCroix, however, will stop at nothing to ensure that Nicholas remains a vampire. In his darkest moments, Nicholas turns to the lovely vampire Janette, who offers him unconditional loyalty despite her prominent standing in the vampire underworld.

As the stakes get higher and his path to redemption becomes burdened with temptations, Nicholas valiantly sets out to conquer his curse night by night. [1]

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  • Running time: 17.4 hours (1,035 minutes)
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
  • Language: English (sterieo)
  • Sound format: Dolby Digital
  • Content rating: Not rated
  • ASIN: B0000C23T1

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  1. Copy from back cover of the DVD

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