"Baby, Baby" is the 14th episode of season two of the American/Canadian-produced television series Forever Knight and the 37th episode of the series overall. It was directed by series star Geraint Wyn Davies and written by Morri Ruvinsky. It first aired on the USA Network on Saturday, July 15th, 1995. In this episode, the vampire Serena believes that she can regain her mortality by mating with a human possessing an extra Y chromosome. Her intended mate is a man named Calvin Trilling, who also happens to be the chief suspect in a murder investigation. After Nick arrests him, he learns that Serena has orchestrated his escape from jail and ultimately intends on killing him after conceiving his child. Nick must wrestle with the guilt he feels over turning Serena against the pending death of a known murderer.

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  • The German title for this episode is "Vollmond", which translates as "Full moon".
  • Production code number: 214

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This article pertains to an episode from season 2 of the Forever Knight television series.

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