Fellowship of the Sun
Fellowship of the Sun
Fellowship of the Sun
Aliases: FotS
Continuity: Southern Vampire Mysteries; True Blood
Type: Religious order
Status: Inactive
Leaders: Steve Newlin; Reverend Theodore Newlin
Members: Sarah Newlin; Jason Stackhouse; Luke McDonald; Orry Dawson
Enemies: Vampires (Stan Baker; Isabel Beaumont; Godric; Bill Compton; Eric Northman; Nan Flanagan; Lorena Krasiki); Sookie Stackhouse
First appearance: Southern Vampire Mysteries: Living Dead in Dallas

The Fellowship of the Sun is a radical religious order associated with the Catholic Church. It plays a prominent role in the "Southern Vampire Mysteries" series of novels and was first introduced in the 2002 novel Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris. The Fellowship also served as the backbone for the central antagonists in season two of the HBO television series True Blood.

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The Fellowship of the Sun, formerly led by the Reverend Theodore Newlin, perpetuated a strident anti-vampire campaign, which began in earnest in 2008 when Reverend Newlin, his wife Yvette and daughter Bethany were brutally murdered, apparently by vampires. The Fellowship's headquarters was based out of the Light of Day Institute in Dallas, Texas. Members of their congregation who shared the church's anti-vampire beliefs were encouraged to go through an extensive training program to become members of the Soldiers of the Sun; the purpose of which was to teach people how to defend themselves against and, if necessary, destroy vampires.

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