Father Eisner
Father Eisner
Father Eisner
Type: Minor character
Gender: Male
Base of operations: Cologne, Germany
Known relatives: Marie Eisner (adoptive daughter)
Born: Unknown
Died: 1753
First: Tomb of Dracula, Volume 2 #4
"Death Vow!"

Father Eisner is a fictional character who is part of the Tomb of Dracula comic book franchise published by Marvel Comics during the 1970s and 80s. He was introduced in the second story in the fourth issue of the Tomb of Dracula comic magazine, cover date April, 1980, entitled "Death Vow".

Biography Edit

Father Eisner was a priest who lived in the town of Cologne in Germany in the 18th century. He adopted a young orphan girl named Marie and raised her as his own. In 1753, a group of villagers succeeded in capturing the vampire lord Dracula. Father Eisner was summoned and he came to the town square where he found Dracula tied to a wooden cross. Dracula shouted his lamentations at him, but Eisner stood fast. He sprinkled the vampire with holy water then drove a wooden stake into his chest as the sun came up over the horizon. It appeared as if the vampire lord had been destroyed forever. The stress proved too much for Eisner's weak heart however, and he pitched over. Little Marie was desperate to save the only father figure she had ever known. That evening, she crept into the empty town square and removed the stake from Dracula's remains. The vampire came back to life, but was unable to attack Marie, for she was protected by the crucifix which hung by her throat. She made a bargain with Dracula, swearing that he if he could save Father Eisner's life, then he could do whatever he chose with her. Dracula agreed and went to Father Eisner's bedroom. However, rather than saving the old man, he instead tore his heart from his body, killing him.

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Father Eisner was well-versed in all matters relating to the Christian faith. He also possessed limited knowledge of the occult, specifically, the ability to identify and destroy vampires.

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