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A farmer is one who tends to a farm, either raising plants or livestock of some kind. Some farms may include other types of product to be harvested such as dairy, fish or in some cases, even marijuana. In some forms of vampire fiction, it is not uncommon for vampires to maintain human farms, assuring that they always have a steady food supply of readily available blood. As example of this was demonstrated in the film Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, wherein it is shown that Southern plantation owners maintain slavery, not as a means of forced labor, but as a source of food for vampires.

On the 1960s TV series Dark Shadows, a man from the "1840 Flashback" storyline named Mordecai Grimes operated a cattle farm in Northern Maine. After his livestock perished under mysterious circumstances, Grimes was convinced that the cause was witchcraft. He accused Quentin Collins of being a warlock and killing his cattle.

Characters Edit

Character Film/Series
Hershel Greene The Walking Dead
Ida Smith Motel Hell
Mordecai Grimes Dark Shadows
Vincent Smith Motel Hell

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