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Angel 5x01 001
Continuity: Angel
Type: Supporting character
Gender: Female
Location: Los Angeles, California
1st appearance: Angel: Conviction
Actor: Sarah Thompson

Eve was an antagonist and a supporting character from the WB Network television series Angel. She was played by actress Sarah Thompson and introduced in the premiere episode of season five, "Conviction". She made ten appearances in the series in total.

Overview Edit

Eve was the liaison to the Senior Partners at Wolfram & Hart after the Angel Investigations staff took over the W&H Los Angeles branch. Initially serving the Senior Partners, her creators, she fell in love with Lindsey McDonald and joined his plot against Angel. After being exposed, she went into hiding to escape the Senior Partners' wrath until she was tracked down by Marcus Hamilton, a fellow Child of the Senior Partners, who forced her to sign away her powers and immortality. After becoming a mortal, she remained at Lindsey's side, though she feared for his safety when he joined Angel's plot to eliminate the Circle of the Black Thorn. Her fears proved true when Angel told her Lindsey would not be coming for her, understanding that Angel had, in fact, turned on her lover. Emotionally broken, Eve remained in the W&H building as it crumbled to pieces, the Senior Partners' punishment for Angel's rebellion. [1]

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  • The character of Eve was created by writer/director Joss Whedon.

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