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Essential Werewolf by Night
Essential Werewolf by Night 1
Title: Essential Werewolf by Night
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Type: Trade paperback
Published: 2005; 2007
Total issues: 2
Featuring: Jack Russell
Lissa Russell
Buck Cowan
Phillip Russell
Creators: Roy Thomas; Jean Thomas; Gerry Conway; Len Wein; Marv Wolfman; Mike Friedrich; Tony Isabella; Doug Moench; Bill Mantlo; Mike Ploog; Werner Roth; Tom Sutton; Gil Kane; Don Perlin; Gene Colan; Ross Andru; Vince Colletta; Virgil Redondo; Yong Montaño; Howard Perlin; Steve Gan; Frank Chiaramonte; Frank Bolle; Jim Mooney; Paul Reinman; Mike Royer; Mike Esposito; Sal Trapani; John Costanza; Sam Rosen; Charlotte Jetter; Jean Simek Izzo; Tom Sutton; Tom Orzechowski; Gaspar Saladino; Artie Simek; David Hunt; Karen Pocock; Marcos Pelayo; Debra James; Karen Mantlo

Essential Werewolf by Night is a comic book trade paperback published by Marvel Comics that reprints classic issues relating to their Werewolf by Night family of titles. Each volume is printed in black and white, is 580 pages in length, and carries a cover price of $16.99 (US). This collection reprints the early appearances of werewolf Jack Russell beginning with his three-issue introduction in issues #2-4 of Marvel Spotlight. It reprints all 43 issues of the regular Werewolf by Night comic series as well as four "Giant-Size" specials and select one-shot stories from various comics featuring Jack Russell as a guest star.



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This article is a comic book series relating to the Werewolf by Night family of titles.

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